Saturday, August 11, 2012

Random tips.

Assalamualaikum silent readers 
  Lately jarang update blog, been so busy with errthing but I got something to share with you guys!
I bet, every piece of you, love to shop! (especially girls) If you've always had problems when it comes to choose an outfit for the day or whatsoever day, hmm yes pls count me in. Lol right now, I'm grateful enough that we have our school uniforms. Can you imagine having to pick five different outfits for each day at school? Wow just wow and here, I have a few quick tips to share with you on how to shop smart for clothes. I guess, it will work!

The first one is, shop with your parents. You may think its not 'cool', but parents will make sure you get what you really need. Second, please set a budget. This will make sure you dont spend too much. So, I dont really think Jessie J's lyrics - "forget about the price tag" - applies well in this context. hehe

The last one, try clothes bfore buying them. They may appear great on a mannequin, but looks can be completely deceiving & one more thing, remember there is nothing wrong with being comfortable. I don't think it's practical to buy clothes that make sure you look good, but cause you discomfort right? Ok write soon!
ps: To all my fellow muslim brothers & sisters, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!


  1. what a good tips! thanks sis ;)

  2. good tips Ms. Bieber :-)