Sunday, January 4, 2015


Assalamualaikum and hi silent readers, yea another 8 days till school re-open hah js realized how unproductive i was during this school hols. Nothing much, i just feel like writing. Just so u know,i'm turning 16 soon, umm ((may 9)) woohoo but umm didnt i just finish upsr like a few months ago?? zzz tick tocking time runs, and yes next year dah spm lol the only thing i hv to worry abt 2k15 is my studies, obviously i need to work my ass off for the sake of getting good result, i dont wanna disappoint anyone just like i did on my pity-three result, it really screwed me up,literally all form 3 students? no doubt

The saddest part in 2k15 fav batchmates are leaving & yes we are so damn close,we've been doing everything together since we're stuck in boarding school for so many years, i cant imagine how the hell could i survive throughout this year without people who always there for me whenever i need them, who always care about me, lepak and gossip until midnight with me, canteen on weekends or even time riadah, staying up together during exam week dekat bilik prep(tapi result sama je hahah) and now 2015 wont be the same :(

It is hard for me to say this, but my very first thought when I met em (time form 1) honestly, i felt like going to sekolah biasa je, they are so so not hahahah idk i just hate them(boys jangan cakap ah level 99 terus) annoying to the max & they keep pissing me off i tell ya,sampai tahap they even fight with girls for having seats under the classroom fan,ridiculous gila hahah

Tapi tah cane la alhamdulillah i still can survive until now,hahah but after these 3 years, ya Allah i can never describe how lucky i am of having them as batchmates (((sometimes))) even kadang-kadang menganjing gak especially guys hahah sorry but y'all are still the best. 2014 taught me a lot about friendship,hold on to the true friends because people do come and go & pls appreciate every little things or you'll end up regret everything

overall 2014 was pretty rough but i kinda like it.

Well, i just hope that 2015 wont be that hurtful cause I had so much fun last year, our first year of prom night,first year of pt3,first year of semua benda lah hahah it was definitely great, i didnt expect such thing from this kind of sch, thank u so much 1216, may our friendship lasts forever & let's rock 2015! lol thank u for reading, i'll write soon, adios! xx

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