Tuesday, March 17, 2015

life has been a mess?

Assalamualaikum and yea i've been missing quite some times but hey hello people heheheh idk how to start um life is getting tougher, i had a pretty busy week which for some reasons made me sad? lulz I dont know why I've got this feeling but this weird feeling apparently popped out. This kind of bad feeling that i can never avoid, but thanks for my girls they made me felt better throughout everything I did this week, it was the toughest cause few of my fav people werent at school,away for few programmes but thank god i survived haha, 2015 is being pretty rough since we all got new batchmates, they are kind? um literally kind!! lol my point of writing this piece of sheytz is hmm i just wanna keep my fingers dancing haha, what else eh hm oh yea uk1 was pretty bad for me haaa idk why but upper form took me to a whole new level & now tons of hw are piling on me, YAY or NAY. Adios, will write soon! x  

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