Sunday, June 7, 2015


Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,well i choose to stop writing for a while & life getting good so far alhamdulillah even there were few bad things I went throughout few weeks back. It is 2k15, I'm literally busy with my studies of course struggling my very best at this point for the sake of getting good result. Where should i start? hm haa this is my 4th year there in hostel, meaning that I still have another 1 wonderful year to survive. Survive sounds I'm in rebellion hahah yea kind of. My fav year was absolutely 2014 and of course NOT onward. Well, I kindly love this 2015 too but not as much as last year, I do miss everything, I feel so tired of going through this 2015-drama so-called. Just tired of facing those few monkeys every single day. The topic hasnt start yet anyway! x) I wanna talk about friend. Yep, kawan. I have few good friends yang we've been together since primary, even from high school for these past 3 years. They are literally naisssss and greaatt and even can just accept me as who I am(walaupun perangai tak guna sket but that's ok) Thank u gaissss for everythang ha ha especially my lavley qurls, hekhek btw there are few niggas haa jk jk, they asked on askfm, my opinion on "what is good friend all about?" etc. bla bla all about friends. Haha I am so glad to write about this even i know i'm not a good adviser lol, i will try my best to write my very own opinion based on experiences gained. Good friend(s) indicate the closest person after your parents and family. I mean, another person you will rely on when there's no one left. Good friend? Here u go;

1. Never reject your appearance or status
They dont even freaking care how the hell u look, even u r hideous or whatsoever but they will still accept u no matter what, this shows, they are still with u till this seconds because of your real mengada-ness and perangai not your beautiful appearance or opposite. Nevertheless, rich and $$ wont be any matter for them, no $ no problem well because Ive met a few people bfore,they made status as a measurement of friendship. This kind of bastards shouldnt exist anyway~ ((dont forget one thing, friend with anyone just for the sake of Allah, that is the most important point))

2.Remind you of a thing that might be wrong even it will hurt u
Sometimes, they WANT TO say it tapi takut terasa, but in the end, benda tu akan keluar jugak. Biasa lah, I dont think everyone suka kena tegur, directly apatah lagi but if s/he tegur for your good, its ok to accept and listen. It isnt a big deal as a friend, tipu la kalau takde gaduh kejap, they remind u because they want everything goes right. I even went through this situations few times, but then, the only thing u need to do is, lower your ego. That would be fine and make the circumstances go well ;-)

3.Whatever theirs, it is yours too
Whenever u need something or anything, they will be there for you. They will give theirs to you if it is the only option left. It is ok to share sometimes(howework to be exact)haha but basically kalau dah rapat sangat tu ambik je without asking, they wont mind x)

They will be as honest as they can, No cheating hahahah sounds like u are in a relationship but yea this is the truth, they wont hide anything from u(except when they r planning to do prank on ur birthday LOL) Their secret, it is yours too. Hahah but this one is not one of the honesty policy for me because secret is still a secret,need to keep and not revealing it.

5.Keep in touch till the end
Even if s/he has gone, I mean, s/he will be moved to another place, do keep in touch. No matter what, ukkhuwah will never end. Unless if we choose to do so? Especially when s/he is one in a million, hard to find in this ever-changing world hahah. It is the greatest pleasure if u choose to continue this beautiful friendship. You will surely miss the old times when they arent around anymore(well that's what happening now) x)

p/s: opinions are just opinions, dont judge ha ha adios! write later. xx

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