Friday, July 7, 2017

New chapter of life

Heloooooo everyoneeeeee! woohoooo I am finally back! hehe sorry for not updating this journal? I have lost count of my sorry hahahahah blogging is fun but, finding time to write it is a total no :( Almost 4 months fuh. My life has been pretty good but kinda rough with extreme pile of assessment/tasks to be completed (yet I still have time to write this hiks). University has brought me to another level of life, for real even it's just asasi but I can alrd feel that tough part's comin. I'll be updating later about what's happening or maybe about my not so boring life here? hahah btw guess I am taking what course. GUESS. nope, you people wont believe this but it's real. I'm taking foundation in engineering. I dont wanna say that I'm gonna regret choosing this in my upu (I literally updated my upu  for more than 10x) & tbh I am not into science....since high school. I used to study super hard back then during high school lol bcs u know, science subjects are not that easy & I didnt expect for me myself today, to still continue studying in science stream =') Just one thing to realize, I really have to struggle triple times harder and better than I used to, during spm. Nothing is easy right? I'll write later! Pray for my foundation journey! Final is in October. Hehe xoxo FH

Sunday, February 26, 2017

FHtripping: Tips & Tricks to Beautiful Cities? (Trip on budget)

Hey guys! I've been missing quite some times, hehe I finally got time to sit in front of this lappy and start writing this post(like finally?!) So last month, I was having a great time in London & Paris!!!!! (excuse the exclamation marks) This is going to be a very loooooooong entry! Give me 10 minutes! hehe. Well, if it is possible to stay there forever, I would say yes? 100x! haha no kidding. I've met few good people, diff lifestyles, which it took me a second to be grateful to have ours?! Im a proud Malaysian. Let's sing Negaraku. lol  

For this trip, after almost 14 hours of flight, we finally touched down at the Mamak Stall eh no, Heathrow Airport!! From Heathrow we took Uber Taxi, which cost 80 pounds(8 of us) for the 45 mins-trip to Leinster Gardens(a street in Bayswater). If you are a solo traveler & having no heavy/huge bag to deal with, the better option is by taking the underground tube(a.k.a lrt in kl) I think this way is cheaper and of course time consuming!! but it wont be as long as the process of curing your broken heart. ops. In London, you can use your Oyster card on most public transport, the oyster can be used on all buses showing red roundel(obviously). It has almost the same function as our Touch n Go card & Octopus card if you are in Hong Kong. I guess we should've changed the name of the card, probably hmm kerang card? hehe no offence guys. If you are a good map reader then there shouldn't be any problem bcs all u need to have, to survive is marauder's map (jk) rowling haha no guys, London map la aiyo & of course for the card, u must then top up to stay alive! 
1.Eye on London(Captured this when I was on the boat cruise tour btw) 2. Big ben
3.Tower Bridge of London 4. Flower stall in London 5.Buckingham Palace 6. Bayswater

Not to forget, I'd like to share with you about London Hop On Hop Off bus services. We were on for the Golden Tours bus which it was exactly like our KL's famous hop on hop off! Absolutely all open top buses with free Wi-Fi (twas the best part of course). We bought the 24 hours(one day) ticket/pass which was about 24 pounds each if I'm not mistaken. From this tour, we had a chance to see London's famous landmarks & attractions including Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben & St Paul's Cathedral!(all the sights) Actually they have over 50+ stops on 3 different routes, the price of each person it depends on the routes/packages. Yep it was soo convenient one day bus ticket & gr8 for us who were planning a flying visit to the big London city! Tapi kan, if u prefer to sit at the roof-less part of the bus, be ready when it is winter(negative or single digit degree Celsius) Rasa macam duduk dalam freezer bhai :') 

Next, I went to Oxford by GWR(great western railway) train from London Paddington Station straight away to Oxford. It took about 1 hour 15 minutes & cost about 12+ pounds per person(it was a return ticket btw). Why Oxford? It is obvious right, the Oxford's historic landmark are absolutely known around the world! Since we didn't have much time to travel the whole England(damn England is huge) so we decided to go to few tourist-attraction-places so called? hahah & yep oxford was in the list! The university of oxford !!! I couldnt describe meh, so so so beautiful with the bapak lawa nak mampos old buildings, scenery, green field?(um not really field) Patut la pun yang study dekat sana pandai nak mampos kot like u know the oxford town, so peaceful and buildings pun nampak old school tapi donut worry, because there are still Marks & Spencer, Primark, Boots! hahah kat kampung pun ada these shops bhai but my kampung nak dapat line Maxis pun susah hahahah and and I even went to the Great Hall! (Potterhead alert!) It was the setting for the Hogwarts dining hall & the Library as well,for the Hogwarts infirmary & many scenes from the Harry Potter film were shot at Oxford Uni! (I was super insane doo ye la when u finally got to see it by your naked eyes & step inside, like u no longer see it on TV?? I also met Tom Felton Malfoy!!! (ok chill just kidding guys) I couldn't ask for more!? u_u Oxford is a lovely place to stay *immigrating now*  </3

Oxford Uni!

1. Street shop in Oxford 2. A walk to christ-church building. 3.Harry potter merchandises!
 4.Part of Oxford Uni 5 and 6. In the Great Hall!

For Paris, we took the Easyjet flight, which took only 1 hour from London Gatwick airport to Charles De Gaulle. Yep, what else to say, I love Paris. The buildings & arts were dayymn, bootyful. Our starting point was La Valle Village and we proceeded to....... Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower) !!! I stg it was the nicest masterpiece I've seen in my entire life, unbelievable I was absolutely standing in front of it thoooooo. Exactly. Jakun enuff. There, we spent most of the time for shopping(again) & food! Irresistible macaroon is a must, hehe makan for life! Do uguys know Dodi Fayed? The one who died with Princess Diana in a car accident in Paris (on a road bridge called Pont de l'Alma). The taxi guy told us, almost everyday ada orang commit suicide nak terjun dari sini & I even saw one of this incident in front of my eyes that day!

1,4 and 5. Boulevard St in Paris. 2. La Valle Village 
3. In front of Galleries Lafayette 6. Nan cheese stall! hehe

1.Food stall in front of Eiffel Tower. 2 and 5. Us! Standing proudly hahah 3. One of the street
 4. Moulin Rouge hahahah go google what is it. 6. Paris theater

Foodie part! always my favorite hehe. I would recommend uguys to try their best fish & chip, burger & lobster, macaroons, local ice cream(winter + ice cream = heaven) & costa coffee!(original based in the UK) hahaha which u can as well get it in Malaysia hehe sorry too poyo, i know. Ok the fish and chip I found it was as cheap as 7 pounds each plate(worth 2 people)! I found this halal shop dekat Bayswater area (can just walk from Leinster Garden). The burger & lobster restaurant is located at the Oxford St, opposite to Doc Martin shop. The huge lobster for 4 hungry monsters like us, was totally worth 95 pounds. It was worth trying! Every food was super good, no kidding! Tapiii if u really feel like eating malay lay food, ada je dekat kantin Malaysia Hall. They served nasi campur & malay food la hahah. Oh one more, dont convert their pounds to our MYR, nanti ada jugak yang tak makan hahah ye la if you convert roughly, eg: A small bottle of mineral water which you can just get in Malaysia below 5 ringgit each, but they sell at 3 pounds, convert roughly = MYR 15 hahahah fikir 3 kali nak beli right. So, better dont convert! (mungkin bila necessary je kot hahah) In Paris, we also found kebab/burger restaurant (bcs halal) & Indien Halal restaurant! Range dalam 5-15 euros each person! Dont worry, portion of each meal is damn big!
1. Super big Tesco chilies. 2. Les Crepes/Kebab stall, Paris 3. All kind of pastries, Portobello Market  4. Churros 5. Macaroon shop, Paris 6. Burger & lobster, Oxford St

The shops were soooo tempting. To be honest, London is all about shopping. Nothing else. Who the hell on earth would resist from entering those shops especially in Oxford St?!(Oxford st, London) We literally spent few days just for shopping, shit got real meh hahah. Selfridges, Primark, Sports Direct, Topshop, Adidas, Marks & Spencer, Superdrug..the list can go on for 5 hours! hahah u can find almost everything there!(of course with better price compared to KL) Oxford Street is a must when u're visiting London! Same goes to Bayswater area & Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill (only on Saturday with its antiques stuff)- these are places where u can find cheap souvenirs! Another one place that we went outside London was beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, Bicester Village which took approximately 45 mins by train from London. We took Chiltern Railway from London Marylebone straight to Bicester Village. BV is a shopping area of leading fashion brands with almost 60 percent discounts! Boleh bayang tak? 60 percent off??! every-single-day mayyyynnn. That one feeling which u really feel like wanna build a house near there. Legit doh. There was also haaa banyak nya also. another version of Bicester Village, but this one.... Paris, La vallĂ©e village! Exactly the same shopping area but I guess, UK one is way better hm sebab lagi banyak choice kot? & one more, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in the middle of Paris near the Opera Garnier, also another one place for those 'hantu' handbag/makeups! Early shout out to all husbands around the world, dont u dare to walk or drive or do anything near there hahah but for the wives, yep no regret! Not at all hihih 
1st row- Portobello road market
2nd row- Bicester village

Some of  you might not know about this tax-free shopping, which you can actually sometimes get the VAT(value added tax) refunds on goods u bought in the UK. Only if u visit UK but live outside EU(european union) and going back home. Note to self that not all retailers will offer tax-free shopping, so u need to ask for the VAT form from the retailer, they might ask for proof that you're eligible, example: your passport. Do bring your passport wherever you go and you can only get VAT refunds for goods u bought within the last 3 months. Then, your last day at the airport, go to the counter to reclaim your sales tax! p/s: same goes to some other countries!  It is even possible for you to get back almost 2k MYR. (only if you are a shopaholic hehe)

Next, the most important item, like sumpah penting gila is travel adapter! You will absolutely need it to recharge your phone, camera and even lappy(obviously u have to) If in the UK(click the link to know more! thank me later hehe) the socket is just as same as ours(Malaysia) but for Paris nope. I still have to use the travel adapter & btw ada tempat macam dalam train which I took to Oxford & BV (GWR/Chiltern) atau dekat airport yang provide charging point using usb (but travel adapter is still obligated in this context!) Don't ever forget to bring your travel adapter or else you'll need to buy the new one. 

To be honest, from my previous journey, it was super hard to find such prayer room(tempat solat) except at the airport. Kalau dekat airport, u will be sharing with other religions too. Ye la, minority muslim country biasa la. There was a time, we had no other option than solat in front of the railway station, plus the toilet was soooooo crowded that time (macam ikan dalam tin sardin) and tak boleh nak ambil wudhu' lansung. Time ni dekat Oxford station, we were running out of time to do jama' & qasar, then ended up ambil wudhuk guna air dalam botol and solat atas mafla sebelah station hahah yang paling tak tahan ada 2 guys ni yang solat jugak & kiteorang sambung dekat belakang, kalau tengok dah macam ma'mum, only if I could record it hahah. The saddest part; it was raining; jadi, solat pun kena tempias hujan dan lecah :') By the way, to make it way easier, just bring a small spray bottle with water, in your bag everywhere u go, just incase such thing abt to happen, at least u can just use it to ambil wudhu'! (applies well in umrah context oso if dlm flight ke kalau toilet penuh most of the time ke) Talking about the toilets, I'd rate UK's toilet 9/10. So so so clean doh... but no water except the main sinks. So yea, u can as well use the small spray bottle to *cough* hihih (multipurpose bottle)

Everything was incredibly great! I was enjoyed taking selfies & photos in front of those skyscrapers crazily! I hope u enjoyed reading this & leave comment down below! (Go start packing your stuff now) Till next #FHtripping! Write soon! xx

Thursday, February 16, 2017

FHtripping: Sumatera Barat,Indonesia

Hai & assalamualaikum people! hehe this is so highly requested entry ever (poyo je) haha takde ah memain jerp. I'm gonna share the tips and trick, as well as my personal experience 4 my Sumatera Barat, Indonesia trip!

1.Tour Guide is a must!
Lepas je touch down dekat airport Pekan Baru, kiteorang dah siap deal dengan sorang tour guide ni. Pastu kiteorang decide untuk pergi terus Bukittinggi which took approximately 7 until 8 hours by van. Abang tu cakap kalau ada highway macam kat Malaysia, 2 jam pun boleh sampai dah sebenarnya. Lepas 5 jam, kiteorang stop dekat satu tempat ni sebab time tu dah malam & since jalan kat sana pun boleh tahan bahaya hahah cara diorang bawak kereta ok la sebab ikut speed limit(mmg berhemah habis la) tapi sebab takde highway, pastu berbukit-bukau, jalan dengan lobang2 haa duduk dalam tu mmg boleh bawak gaduh, tu yang sampai 7-8 jam nak sampai Bukittinggi. Abang tu drive memang takleh challenge la, kalau Malaysian bawak hmm tak tau la den nak kato hahah, jalan dia lagi teruk daripada jalan dekat Bukit Putus nak sampai Kuala Pilah (before ada highway Lekas) Kiteorang stop dekat Paya Kumbuh & tempat tu betul2 belakang bukit batu, tapi seram la kalau bayang bukit tu runtuh ke apa ke en. Scenery ceni sesuai la nak cari ketenangan ke ilham ke nak tulis novel ke 

2. Amayyyzing scenery
Masa otw nak pergi ke Bukittinggi, kiteorang stop dekat Puncak Lawang. Dekat sana, boleh tengok betapa besarnya Danau Maninjau (yesss besar gila!) as well as sulfur dalam tasik semua boleh nampak! Kat sini takde satu tempat pun view tak lawa hehe, and nak sampai Danau Maninjau ni pun jalan dia berbukit-bukit, ha'ah cam nak pergi Cameron tapi cerun dia tinggi lagi la hahah seram wok. Sebab tu tour guide kena ada, kalau drive sendiri possibility nak sesat tu tinggi. View dekat Janjang Koto Gadang pun lawa, sini orang panggil The Great Wall Of Koto Gadang, takyah pergi jauh2 sampai China, sini pun ada hehe majority orang minang yang duduk sini, bahasa diorang pun lain sikit, payah nak faham. Sampai dekat Bukittinggi, tempat wajib pergi untuk tengok view, Ngarai Sianok. Bukittinggi ni cam another version of Cameron. Sejuk allll the time! & Tempat nak makan pun view lawa lawa u_u

yep ni tempat makan, tapi yang ni cam restaurant western sikit, diorang tak serve makanan kampung tapi tengok la view dia :') rasa nak tinggal sini je (exclude the ducks) (dUCk scarf nak la)

3. Foodie
Like I said in my previous post, makanan dia super duper nice! (98% masakan kampung!) If Malaysia ada sambal belacan hahah tapi they have something better than that!!! unbelievable sambal ijo (sambal hijau) sedap gilaaaaaa & pedas, tak sambal la kalau tak pedas. Pastu cara diorang hidang pun lain tak macam makan nasi campur dekat kedai mamak sini. Dekat sana, diorang hidang semua jenis lauk yang ada kat kedai tu, atas satu meja, pastu yg mana kita usik je dia charge. Kalau tak usik takde la dia charge. Harga pun tak mahal, sebab kiteorang dalam 5 orang, setiap kali makan dalam 250k IDR. Yes, dalam mission cari kedai makan sedap pun tour guide memainkan peranan hehe. I even found a food which came with a weird name; Bika Talago tapi nama lain dia kuih norako (neraka) hahah it was actually a typical lempeng je tapi diorang panggil kuih neraka sebab lempeng ni dibakar atas hot pot, bakar lak guna kayu memang tradisional la cara nak masak, seksa gak la tengok diorang nak maintain kan bara api semua tu. Kedai Bika Talago ni ada satu je dekat Indonesia, betul2 tepi jalan raya padang-bukittinggi. Tak silap sekeping 3 ribu kot which is equivalent to MYR 1. Kalau beli 10 pun tak rasa menyesal. Eventhough cecah 30 ribu hihihi boleh bayar down payment kereta sebijik hihi andddd not to forget, Bakso!! Semua bakso dekat sini sedap, semua kedai Bakso! Since it is originally from here en. Yep, bakso pun wajib rasa!

4. Irresistible shops
Dekat Pasar Aur Kuning, kalau nak cari telekung ke, any typical souvenir cari je dekat sini. Concept dia cam Jalan TAR, KL. Lebih kurang la, harga telekung dekat sini dalam 30k IDR kot tapi kakak jual tu cakap diorang amik dari Bandung telekung2 tu. Sumpah cam semua benda kat sini murah. Tbh, we didnt feel like going back at all?! Ada satu kedai kain ni pun boleh tahan la; Satu Karya. Diorang jual original songket yes originally orang minang yang buat. Kakak tu kata, kalau ikut adat, orang perempuan minang ni selagi tak pandai tenun kain (pandai sikek) selagi tu takleh kahwin hehe same goes to lelaki, diorang kena pandai mengukir. If I was a minang girl, memang tak kahwin dah kot?! Hahah tengok diorang kira benang yang sampai seribu tu pun takleh pergi dah :')

Eventually the trip was soooo fun! Yep boleh belajar adat orang minang kat sana. Ada satu rumah tu en, siap memang khas untuk cerita pasal mitos Batu Angkek-Angkek. Tahla mitos dia cam tak logik pun ada, batu tu asal dia berat gila & takde orang boleh angkat kalau tanpa niat. Tapi, whoever yang angkat dengan niat je batu tu akan terangkat, which also means, hajat yang dia niatkan tu akan termakbul? hahah ridiculous right. Yguys should really google what Batu Angkek Angkek really is! Adios, write soon! 
p/s: Padang airport is the nearest one to reach Bukittinggi. It only takes 2 hours (instead of 8 hours)

Monday, February 13, 2017


Assalamualaikum everyone, it has been a really long time since my last post?? hehe btw I'm gonna turn 18 this year!!!!!!! & mesti la dah habis SPM hahahah ok tapi result spm tak keluar lagi and bakal keluar awal bulan 3 ni tak silap, awal bulan 3 ok bukan awal ashaari. Gelak la pls I cuba buat lawak. Hihih I do miss dexterous 1216 (my batchmates) ee gelinya hahahah ok tak tak I la orang paling ikhlas rindu korang. Please terharu?! (I know, selalunya ikhlas tak bgtau tapi I nak bgtau jugak who cares). For this entry, I would like to write about my not-so-good pascaspm life which tajuk ni jugak la I tulis untuk essay english dlm SPM tau tak!! HAHAH weii pray for us pls pls pls. Rasa nak nangis tu takyah cerita la bila ingat result nak keluar en tapi nothing else but pray 4 the best!

1. Chilling? 
The very first thing I did after my last school-day; 1st Dec 2016 was chilling dulu kat rumah hahah(sampai sekarang senanya) & paling penting pergi food-hunting!! (almost everyday) Memang tipu la kalau berat tak naik, yes naik doh :') Tbh my last physical exercise was...dekat sekolah kot lari2 sikit tu pun satu sekolah tu jauh mana sangat kan hahahah rip weh rip my healthy life style 

2. Class
Middle of December I went to BC for the placement test. Test tu untuk tau level class mana je & I should've started my class sebenarnya on Jan tapi kelas tu kalau dah start takleh ganti. Most of my days in Jan were spent wisely on my #FHtripping hehe so I decided to start the class nanti tapi tak tau bila hahahah until now tak start lagi sebenarnya. Tak tau la result test tu valid sampai bila. I used to study there dulu before masuk soksek & twas a gr8 experience sbb dapat belajar dengan pure cikgu all the way from England!!(handsome as well!) lol. For any inquiries boleh la visit british council heheh ingat ni paid review ke. 

3. Wasted days - online drama
I literally spent most of the days in December by watching...kdramas? tak sebenarnya tengok dots & k2 je anddd yesss yep yup I've been waiting for ages kot nak tengok dots. Time dekat sekolah last year, diorang bila2 pun jadi nak drama marathon, 2 pagi? 3 pagi? Sebut je, tak kira waktu hahahah memang tak la nak join. (Time tu tidur cam ibarat blue garnet ok, mahal nak mampos) rindu gak la sleepless-nights spm, tapi sekarang sampai takleh tidur sebab dah lama sangat tidur?? hahah tapi satu je, kalau banyak sangat tengok drama ni nanti expectation in life pun melebih lebih, centu pun takleh gak baik gi tengok animal planet, paling kuat pun berangan nak ternak gajah tepi rumah.

4. NYE(New Year's Eve aka the last day of the year): we went to Kuantan and K.Terengganu & we actually came all the way from KL just for food-hunting! Tanjung lumpur, Kuantan memang tempat paling wajib kalau nak cari fresh seafood, highly recommended doo. (I told ya my main activity: makan?!)  Kalau berat naik pun I seriously wont blame anyone else hahah. Ada jugak la tempat lain cam pasar payang & all those typical tourist places heheh best! Malaysia ni seronok sebenarnya, lagi lagi kalau dapat explore semua tempat,especially main islands. ya Allah ayaq color cam distilled water dlm lab. You'll feel like wanna live there in the ocean forever (acah mermaid sikit ke pastu heo joon jae datang) ops jk.

5. Education Fair wasnt fair enuff
Yes education fair banyak sangat sampai course apa nak sambung pun tak tau, now I finally realize that life after spm is wayyyy harder which it makes me wanna cry harder?! Susah la kalau takde spesific passion in one thing. Kalau cakap pasal minat, semua benda I minat. You pun I minat, eh tak hahahah. I seriously need a counselor doh!! //drowning in the ocean of my tears//

6.Travel for more adventure?
Early of Jan I went to West & North Sumatera, Indonesia! Pemandangan dari bukit ke danau ke apa benda ke, mashaallah, insanely beautiful!!! Best lagi sebab... makanan tradisional diorang, memang pure masakan minang & padang. Words couldnt describe how happy I was hahah ye la mana tak tiap2 jam makan je kerja? I couldnt be any happier than that hehe by the end of January,I finally got the chance to visit the city of love & landen (both were in my list kot?!) the skyscrapers, cold weather, old buildings and of course shops!!(paling kena highlight) memang irresistible level infinity hahah (I'll write more dalam next entry pasal these good places!)

7. Counting down
Teka la counting down apa. Haah pandai pun, result spm 
p/s: Sorry la banyak gelak lak dalam ni padahal tak lawak pun