Friday, July 7, 2017

New chapter of life

Heloooooo everyoneeeeee! woohoooo I am finally back! hehe sorry for not updating this journal? I have lost count of my sorry hahahahah blogging is fun but, finding time to write it is a total no :( Almost 4 months fuh. My life has been pretty good but kinda rough with extreme pile of assessment/tasks to be completed (yet I still have time to write this hiks). University has brought me to another level of life, for real even it's just asasi but I can alrd feel that tough part's comin. I'll be updating later about what's happening or maybe about my not so boring life here? hahah btw guess I am taking what course. GUESS. nope, you people wont believe this but it's real. I'm taking foundation in engineering. I dont wanna say that I'm gonna regret choosing this in my upu (I literally updated my upu  for more than 10x) & tbh I am not into science....since high school. I used to study super hard back then during high school lol bcs u know, science subjects are not that easy & I didnt expect for me myself today, to still continue studying in science stream =') Just one thing to realize, I really have to struggle triple times harder and better than I used to, during spm. Nothing is easy right? I'll write later! Pray for my foundation journey! Final is in October. Hehe xoxo FH