Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Volunteering Experience: Kelas Kaseh

Salam and hai everyone!

I'm sorry coz I dont write for quite a time!! Excuse my countless apologies hahah pasca asasi life has brought me to a lot of unending happiness (& miserable too sometimes) hehe I think of to start writing my previous volunteering experience throughout 2018 (so far). I have applied for quite a few volunteering jobs and lol of course I dont manage to get involved with all haha you know I aint good at writing cv lol but I did manage to get into a few positions (to be highlighted: facilitator) which I thought I would never stand a chance, but hey here I am! But for this very entry, I'll be sharing about my first volunteering this year with Kelas Kaseh last January.

First of all, if you never heard of Kelas Kaseh before, it is an educational community that envisions the empowerment of education for the underprivileged through volunteerism. Due to that, ANYONE could go and volunteer to be part of this project. I attended this under a society in CFS UiTM Dengkil and got to volunteer with the orang asli kids at Sg Buah, Dengkil. The first thing in my mind was excitement, to be given such chance like teaching these underprivileged kids was something amazing for me!! (don't u think so?!) What I like about this project was, they were using the one to one method to teach these kids. One volunteer got to teach one student. There were 2 sessions; Maths and English and they all came from different age groups (mix from primary to secondary). To be honest, this one day project taught me a lot about life. I believe this kind of project would give a huge impact to their future.

Straight to the story, I got to teach a year 5 student, who didnt know even a simple single English word (ie: is, that, don't) but very good in Maths (she memorized all the sifir well!). It was tough at first because I asked her to use dictionary to find any unfamiliar word and list them out. Yes, she did find every. single. word. !! Mashaallah the effort given was beautifully beyond description, plus the fact that she hates English so much. Most of the time, she asked again the meaning of the same word which she already listed out. Eventually, our English session was all about translating words and no longer comprehensions... well but then I managed to see what is really inside her right after Maths session. I asked about her ambition, and Bingo! I guessed it right, so obvious that she wanted to be a Maths Teacher.

The most heart-touching part was, (for me it really was!) at the end of the session, I gave her a small notebook with some notes in it. Then, she right away tried to find something in her bag..... and suddenly offered me a bookmark which she got from her last vacation to Melaka with her fam.- "disebabkan kakak bagi saya buku ni, nah kakak ambik la, saya pergi Melaka bulan Disember haritu" Pastu tetibe sedih lol I had no idea why but that little bookmark rasa cam too much for me :(

Overall, this one day opportunity in teaching has been one of the most important experience of my life now. It has taught me how to be a better person and help others in various ways (guys pls keep on helping cause what you give, you'll get back!) and not to forget, it taught me about patience too. Without patience, I won't be here, writing this excitingly.

Thanks for reading till the very last word! Next entry I'll be writing about volunteering experience with KLIBF 2018 (book ambassador). Wait for my update! xx

Sunday, March 11, 2018

After a while.

Salam & hai everyone!

I know, it has been a long time since my last post. Yea, no one gives a shi- but hey, here I am back again at writing this masterpiece (ew) I might away for quite some time but please know one thing that I still wanna keep this blog no matter what! (I'm tired of restarting haha). Life has been a crazy roller coaster so far, the previous post I was writing about few parts of my foundation journey during first semester righttt? now I am about to end my foundation! Tick-tocking time runs, you know, the typical me would definitely miss this crazy journey just as how I miss my high school. I'll be missing Dengkil too that much for sure (probably) lol coz I had so much fun here I stg. Do apply for asasi UiTM ok spm leavers, a lot of benefits await! 

Oh btw, a lot of things happened. Good and bad. but I'll just take everything as a lesson to learn. It's undoubtedly hard to deal with such indescribable feeling I am having now. I don't really know what I want to be, do and have. Life becomes a question of what I really want. The desire to achieve everything & be in the comfort zone is getting stronger. Everything needs hard work, that's for sure. Lets make every drop of sweat worth it? & my final is in another 2 weeks. Pray for us! hehe I'll write very soon. xoxo

Friday, July 7, 2017

New chapter of life

Heloooooo everyoneeeeee! woohoooo I am finally back! hehe sorry for not updating this journal? I have lost count of my sorry hahahahah blogging is fun but, finding time to write it is a total no :( Almost 4 months fuh. My life has been pretty good but kinda rough with extreme pile of assessment/tasks to be completed (yet I still have time to write this hiks). University has brought me to another level of life, for real even it's just asasi but I can alrd feel that tough part's comin. I'll be updating later about what's happening or maybe about my not so boring life here? hahah btw guess I am taking what course. GUESS. nope, you people wont believe this but it's real. I'm taking foundation in engineering. I dont wanna say that I'm gonna regret choosing this in my upu (I literally updated my upu  for more than 10x) & tbh I am not into science....since high school. I used to study super hard back then during high school lol bcs u know, science subjects are not that easy & I didnt expect for me myself today, to still continue studying in science stream =') Just one thing to realize, I really have to struggle triple times harder and better than I used to, during spm. Nothing is easy right? I'll write later! Pray for my foundation journey! Final is in October. Hehe xoxo FH