Saturday, January 3, 2015


hey its been years since i last blogged hahah i promised u last time to keep updating, sorry well i just think that i should restart everything yea i actually hv few blogs before this but never really work em out,just so u know i dont have great things to talk about but but but i think it is fun to write feelings or even experiences here because u can put all in words even i keep on writing crap sheytz hahah but who cares & this is one of my new year's resolution haaa ok no jk bye I'll write very soon, wait for my updates ((kalini betul)) ((i'm so serious)) HAHAH BYE PEOPLE xx


  1. hanan~~ i've been waiting for your update i miss the old days of blogging stayadorable dulu

    1. thought my old blog takde orang baca HAHA thank u anon!! <3

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