Saturday, November 21, 2015


Assalamualaikum, well i dont know where to start, sorry because this entry has been drafted for few days. I know this is weird but I am so obsess with this class of 2k15, i stg y'all rock!!!! (excuse the over-insert of exclamation marks) I couldnt describe the feelings now bcs its all mixing up. Well thank u for this amaaazing year of 2k15, yguys are the best bunch of classmates ever since I got into this school. I really wanna describe each of you but I js can’t put all in words huhuh (can u see the love flies in the air, lol) Thank you for the laughters and all, the sarcasms which are very off the chart even most of em are quite offensive but yea it tightens our ukhuwah tho. You know how it feels right when u need to let go of something big in life(ceh) 😜 & someday i believe that we’ll be reunited once again. It could just be for a few years hahah perhaps not forever, lol. I do believe that good things always come to an end but better things always follow afterwards. Dont ever forget that the only constant thing in life is change, He knows what is best for us and obviously He wouldnt give us a challenge we couldnt handle. Keep a constant reminder in yourself; that whenever you’re down, dont ever give up and bring urself up. I actually gained pile of lessons throughout this year(no doubt) from different people who came out with diff opinions. Anything that doesnt work out is also a lesson. Appreciate every second u have now bcs we cant turn back time, the time machine doesnt really exist ((idk how on earth it looks like)) & one more thing, stop looking back, ‘let go and let god’. All the best for 2k16!💕 Allah knows best! 

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